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Parking at the airport from 9 CZK per week

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How is the price starting from 9 CZK/week calculated?

As well as in the case of plane tickets, whose prices are derived from the occupancy of the given flight, the price of parking at the PARKIA parking is derived from the occupancy of the parking lot.
It means that the fewer cars will be at the parking lot during the date you request, the less you pay.

When parking from 9 CZK per week?

PARKIA – parking by Václav Havel Airport Prague, prices from 9 CZK/week

  • The cheapest parking by Václav Havel Airport Prague from 9 CZK/week/car!
  • The PARKIA parking offers more than 250 places for parking.
  • The PARKIA parking is equipped with modern security system.
  • The parking is located in guarded premises and is surrounded by a fence.
  • The PARKIA parking is located only a 7-minute drive from Václav Havel Airport Prague.
  • Nonstop transportation from the PARKIA parking to check-in lounges of Václav Havel Airport Prague (Ruzyne) is provided, its price is included in the parking fee.
  • We have children´s carseats at our disposal, therefore it is no problem to transport children of any age.
  • Our helpful and professional staff will take care of you and your luggages!